Life and Death

Life and Death


1% version: The older you are, the more likely you are to suffer and die from disease. This relationship is not universal among animals and with certain breakthroughs in preventative medicine we humans might also break free from it. The older you are the more risk taking you should become to test these interventions out.

20% version: The thing we call “biological aging” is causally responsible for suffering due to cancer, Alzheimer’s, COVID, etc. This implies it might be easier to solve aging then to treat these deseases.

Will write on this more …


1% version: Call to get informed and then sign up to them or their international partners like Alcor or the Cryonics Institute. They also help you sett up a Last Will and Patient Decree.

20% version:

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Isn't it expensive?

Yes and no. The total cost is somewhere around 200.000€. But this is mainly for the following reason: part of the money will be invested so that dividends cover the electricy cost forever.

You don't have to pay upfront though. Most providers offer payments through a “terminated life insurance”: So basically if you die before your 70 birthday then the life insurance pays out. This a classical instruments many parents for example have, in this case its just that the cryonics institute is the recipient. With this method it can be as “cheap” as 50€ per month.