Foundation 4: Enlightenment

Foundation 4: Enlightenment


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Calm and Stress Reduction

Status: Draft Epistemic status: Decent
1% version: Meditate regularly (>30 mins a week). Take walks in nature. Find out the Novelty-to-Solitude ratio for different activities: how long do you need to recharge after meeting a friend? How long do you want to study and contenmplate about a book you just read? It’s most likely way higher then you think. Enforce the calculated solitude with strong habits and social signals. Work less then 40 hours a week, unless you have extremly good systems and people around you in place to react to stress.

20% version:

Who is working on this?

  • Calm (what I use), others are Headspace, Uplift, Making Sense, etc.
  • Vipassana