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Supplements and Medications

Status: Current state of knowledge 2022 Epistemic status: Extremely weak to decent Obviously not medical advice. Talk to your healthcare professional before you do stupid things
1% version: Even though biochemistry is extremely complicated and we know close to nothing, there are a few obvious bets in the supplement field. I currently take:

Every Day

  1. Vitamin D3+K2 (1000 to 3000 I/U, do a blood test to find optimal dosage), in the morning with fat
  2. Something like AG1 (a simple mix of all low-upside, low-cost micronutrients like zinc, probiotics, etc.)
  3. Spoonful fermented food
  4. EPA/DHA Oil 2g
  5. Glycine 5g
  6. Melatonin (small >0.75mg dose 30-60 mins before sleep)
  7. (L-Carnitine 500mg)
  8. ( β\beta-Alanine, sustained release ~5g)

For Exercise

  1. Creatine 3g + loading
  2. Citrulline Malate 6g pre Workout

For Keto

  1. Magnesium 600mg
  2. Salt > 8g

For Vegans

  1. B12 100mg
20% version

God bless you, don’t go there. This is a time sink and the behind the scenes of the industry are ugly. But if you want, start with Project Surpass for an an extremely actionable and unbiased guide (start with the yellow supplements under the biochemical side).


Get a doctors degree. Unclear if that adds significantly more insight. Most medics I know don’t have complex supplement stacks.

Things I want to research:

Sodium Salt, Exogenous Ketones / MCT C8, Ashwaganda, Betaine and Alpha-GPC, Caffeine and L-Theanine, Modafinil, Bupropion, What’s up with Lithium? Longevity: Rapamycin, β\beta-Alanine, 17α\alpha-Estradiol, SGLT2 Inhibitors (probably not: NMN, Metformin, Resveratrol) Psychedelics: Microdose LSD and Psilocybin, higher dose during therapy for increased EQ / trauma therapy Nootropics: Big question is which drugs help significantly with learning meditation?