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Pre-Creation |

Basically everything connected to learning.

Important Concepts

How do you learn/take notes? You need a personal knowledge management system, (PKM, Second Brain, Exocortex, Vaults, ...)

Who is working on this?

Me! Looking for developers to help me build the perfect note taking system!

Why? I do not believe the current solutions (Notion, Obsidian, RemNote, Roam, SuperMemo) out there are sufficient. But this doesn't mean the perfect system isn't possible do design.

What are some constraints your Second Brain Software needs to fullfill?

  1. Integrate easily with the rest of your life
    1. Part of your Life OS (connected to your task manager, calender, etc.)
    2. Why?
    3. Quick Capture
    4. Why?
    5. Automation
    6. Why?
  2. Have algorithmic resurfacing
  3. Why? (This is what we are working on)
  4. Collaboration, sharing and publishing
  5. Why?
  6. Privacy
    1. The opposite of sharing, but there are large parts that you want to have
      1. Encrypted
      2. Locally stored
      3. Exportable (no vendor login)
  7. The rest from Tiago Forte:
    1. Search
    2. Templating and Duplication
    3. Access anywhere
    4. Upgradebility
    5. Linking to the web and Biderectional linking inside the system
    6. Multimedia
    7. Meta-Data (relations / categories / labels / formulas / etc.)

Soo, what tool can fullfill all these criteria?

Most try to connect different apps to build a system, but in the end we want to have one solution. I think its totally possible to build exactly that.

There is currently only one company that I think has a good shot at fullfilling all of the above constraints: AnyType.

AnyType (at least the beta, its currently in cloaest alpha and doesn't have feature parity) is:

  1. Build around building a Life OS
    1. So native focus on Notes, Tasks, Contacts, etc.
    2. Android/iOS/Windows/Mac app, with local storage, so extemly fast quick capture (I don't know if web is planned)
    3. Has an API
  2. Will have a large sharing ecosystem
  3. e2e encrypted, local storage
  4. Search works + Graph view!
  5. Templates (Types) are a core part (and you can create sets (similar to databases) of similar things)
  6. IPFS distribution so it still works on multiple devices
  7. Upgradeble, as Open Source, so many Extensions will come around
  8. Links to Web + biderectional relations
  9. Multimedia (no handwriting as of yet)
  10. Relations are core again and even more flexible then in Notion

So whats missing?

Just a good algorithm to serve you the next content!

This is why I am building AnyThought, an extension that allows spaced repetition within AnyType.