Poems for the Whole

Poems for the Whole

Poems for the Whole

Status: Drafts for a poetry collection

A raindrop

hanging down a spiders web inside: a world in its entirety

Just upside down

Broken light, wave by wave by wave Forming a rainbow In your mind.

Deeply Within

It was I who would begin. Me who came into existence. Out from where we do not understand, Yet here I am and asking questions ?

The existence of cats proves nothing

Why? What is this for. Where is the melting snow Coming from.

Why? Is this life. So insane.

Where do we get the flow Of growing stonger all day long, from? Just to vain from misery, to bliss-serie.

We are a whirlwind of the way, of habits and infinity. Smile, cheerfully and be a human being, decently.

The greats are dead, and miserable. They drank their way to cruel see. To poems, grey and real. Forgetting biochemistry.

They thought the human condition Was bad.

How wrong they could have been.

Of life and death and in-between.

Of stars and quarks and normally. Of hands and feet and mindfulness.

Of why and how and yes. Of light and dark and rainy clouds.

Of tyranny and us and quiet dreams. Of cells and trees and mushroom stew.

Of chill and drive and 9-to-5. Of Earth and Jupiter and moon cannons.

Of bravery and fear and children’s eyes. Of wins and gore and draws.

Of history and utopi’ and where we are today. Of boring clever poetry.

Gedichte in German

Sturm und Stille

Sturmwind bricht die Wellen gegens Land und der Geist ist voller Drang Wahre Schönheit ist verwoben mit den Wogen dieser Zeit

Spiegelstill, der Mond scheint zweimal und gemeinsam ruht der Blick Wahre Schönheit hebt und senket Jede Nacht die halbe Welt