Some Moral Definitions

Some Moral Definitions


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Some Moral Definitions


Life Worth Living

Someone is dying and you ask them:

Did you experience anything that made your life not worth living❓

If this someone is honestly answering "No." then this was a life worth living.

Life Worth Creating

Someone is living and you ask them:

Are your experiences getting better through your own actions❓

If this someone is honestly answering "Yes." then this is a life worth creating.


Someone who checks off boxes, in a yes and no way.


Someone who strives for more.


To a Satisficer Lifes Worth Living have a certain imbalance: it is very easy to experience things that makes life not worth not living. But it doesn't add anything if you experience something else, all that matters is the "Yes." or "No." in the end.


If someone is created and experiences something that would make the life not worth living, this someone can still create a lot of experiences that change this fact. So to a Maximizer all that matters is that the someone can actually influence their experiences - and doesn't die prematurely.


The question:

What actions lead to a world where everyone has both a Life Worth Living and a Life Worth Creating❓