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Things I use


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Things I use

Status: Draft Epistemic status: 80% for me, 50% for you Based on the tradition of others sharing what they buy, here is my list:

The Dream Organ

Ok, this is a little weird and not fully finished, but I had this sideproject where I wanted to build a “thought-to-text” machine, inspired by a German fiction novel. In this novel, a blue bear enters the head of a giant, and finds himself in a position where he needs to direct the giants dreams. Otherwise the giant might wake up and decide he might want his head back (which lies detached in a mountain range, blocking a passage, the reason the blue bear had to enter the head in the first way). I am not making this up.

Anyway, the bear creates the dreams, by playing on a dream organ. Which I really wanted to have myself. And building a super efficient writing set-up was the closest thing to it, I could come up with.

Here are the parts of it that worked, in order of importance:

Standing Desk

These days I use this >80% of my time.

Trackball Huge

Just awesome. The learning time is significantly shorter then I thought.

Walking Pad

God, I love this. So much better the standing.

Curved Monitor

Or just anything with large screen real estate. Also, get a second monitor in portrait mode. Its cool.

Noise cancelling Headphones

I use the Bose QuietComforts.

Optional experiments

The Yoga Book series is the closest thing to the Young Ladies Illustrated Primer. It's just magic, especially the E-Ink version. Sadly out of production. I am using the Surface Laptop Studio instead. If MacBooks ever get pens, I might switch.

The Georgi Rev3 is a reaaally awesome way to write, sadly the learning curve was to high for me.

Other Tech

Note 9

At this point I would pay insane levels for old Note phones if they ever stop getting produced. The S pen is part of me.

Full RGB Lights everywhere

Either just for simple light control, or to turn them green and red when my pomodoro timer ends (don't ask how long that took to set up).


Will do a complete “whats on my phone” review at one point. But main ones are:

  • Ratio Launcher
  • Beeper App (!!! amazing)
  • Action Dash
  • Superhuman (if you hate mail)
  • Instapaper/Pocket
  • Audible / Spotify
  • RescueTime

Other mentions:

  • Daylio
  • Otter
  • Gowod
  • FutureMe



Luminette 2! Works really well for me. Also a deluxe sleeping mask (if your room is not pitch black already).

The Oura ring is fine.

Continous Glucose Monitor

Highly recommended to do at least for 3 weeks in your life. Levels or Supersapiens currently offer them. Quite expensive, but so worth it.


See 💊Small Molecules


Again, super lazy. I especially hate buying shoes.

Only my weightlifting shoes (Nike Metcon) and running shoes from On are worth mentioning. Also, if you get a backpack for traveling and you have a store that has really good customer service: its worth the extra cost in time and money to get one fitted to your back.